Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love over 40?

Here I am again... sitting thinking about my love life. Being single is cool for the most part. I am successful, spiritual and strong. I own a wonderful business, I get to fly all over the world, I have 2 great children but there is still a void. As Billy Dee said in Mahogany " Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with." You know that is true and it hits home HARD. I was in a relationship with my children's dad for many, many years, to be honest probably to long. I think I stayed long after God was finished with that, and thats real talk. So now I wonder where do I go? I have been dating Maxwell and he is so wonderful, but he lives and owns a business in another country. I have been seeing Ray who lives in the states but has a few issues, I'm feeling that this is not something long term, and there are other gentlemen that I may have dinner or conversations. The thing is that being over 40 I have no time to waste on childish, immature, needy, men. I want the love of a lifetime, someone who is as into me as I am him. Someone who loves me and only me( I mean no other women on the side ya'll)  Maybe I have to move out of the country...... Please tell me what you guys think, advise, help....

Chow for Now,

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