Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Brunch

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Flowers and Kisses

I am tucked away for a couple of days, working on what could be my best campaign ever, my flight left this morning at 6:25 am.( Not happy about that) but I just needed to get here get settled, and ready to go. My blackberry rings and its Maxwell, his voice is low and enticing, and don't forget the Caribbean accent. "Hi ", he says.  Now for those of you who don't remember let me bring you up to speed quickly. I meet him in the Caribbean, about 2 years ago. He came to the states for me and his business and we had a wonderful, amazing courtship. He missed the sun, his culture and decides that we could be together if I moved. Let me see, no and hell no. I have a business, children and a home. I am not going to up root my children and life for no man UNLESS he is my husband. And then we would really have to discuss it. 

Well Maxwell and I have this unspeakable chemistry I cannot explain it, and he gives the best kisses ever  we talk via face time, Skype ,phone etc. It seems that we cannot let go of each other. So back to the call....

"Hey, how are you my friend," I said "I'm good, I am in the states for business. I thought I might see you. This trip came up quickly  and I call your office and they said that you were away for 3 days", he said sounding disappointed. " Well you know that sometimes my work means travel and lots of it, I am so sorry that I will miss you"... I am picturing him standing before me 6"5, carmel skin, brown,yes and a smile to DIE for. "Well, maybe next time", he says, "Yeah I will be out your way in March", I said trying to lift his spirits a bit. " Ok honey, call me when you can" We say bye and I hang up.

To be honest with you guys, I think I love this man and if it was another time and space we would so be together but it is what it is.  After arriving back to the hotel, tired, to much walking and a bit to much rum. I put my key in the door and tell my assistant I will see her  in the am. I walk in my room,  turn on the light and my room is full of flowers, flowers everywhere .. It is the most amazing thing that anyone has every done for me. I see a card on the table and it reads" There is nothing in this entire world that could keep me from a wonderful, brilliant ,courageous woman of quality like you" I am at a lost for words, I pick up the phone to call Sara, who I knew was acting funny and just like in the movies there is a knock at my door......

AHHHHH Maxwell:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thoughts on Men and Love By Michelle Mc Kinney Hammond

 I had the pleasure of meeting this WONDERFUL WOMAN a couple of years ago at a conference that I attended with my niece. My relationship was over, my business was booming but I felted so empty. After listening to her message I knew I had to met here. My company had back stage passes and this meeting changed my life and outlook on relationships.

Thoughts on Love & Men:

What does it profit a woman to gain a man and lose her soul! Ladies get a grip, a man should add to who you are, not make you over
If a man leaves your life he should leave you a better woman than he found you. That way it’s his loss & not yours. Always maintain.

A man should never be able to rearrange your identity, posture or attitude. Know your worth and don't discount
yourself for anyone.

When a man tells u who he is believe him & make your choices accordingly. Don't blame him 4 being consistent. Blame yourself 4 not listening

If a man decides he doesn't want u it has less to do with u & more to do with who he is or isn't. Thank him 4 not blocking yr view.

There is never an excuse for jumping out of character and acting ugly unless that is who you really are. Maintain dignity.

When the audience stops applauding & enabling bad behavior actors will have to find a new way to make a scene.

If marriage & coupling up are the goal you will always choose the wrong partner. The person should inspire the purpose in your life

A cloth in the store doesn't change its pattern because its been mishandled and put back. Be who you are no matter what! Say Next!

Stop abdicating responsibility for yourself & blaming men for bad behavior. It gives them way more power than they really have.

We need to love the brothers but keep the power to be who we are. After all that is what attracted him in the 1st place.

Just remember a man will only do what he is allowed to do. Don't blame or complain, handle your business.

When a woman knows her worth & power quietly living it, the man in her life will rise to the occasion & honor her. You set the stage.

Men get a bad rap. They are not bad, just confused. Lets stop sending mixed signals & be clear about what we want/need from them.

Don't tell a man you can deal with his cheating and then get mad when he does it. You gave him permission! Think before you agree!

Desperation for love should never make you compromise your standards. Your needs will come back 2 haunt you. Keep it real and be honest about what you want for both your sakes.
Above all things, no matter how the relationship goes... Be A Lady!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Flow with It

Most of you know by now that I work in marketing/ adverting. I love my job, let me say that right off the bat, but Fabulously Full Figured is my passion. I love clothes, shoes, hair, nails anything GIRL. Working with the companies that I have been blessed to work with over the years has opened my eyes to lots of things. There are so many beautiful people in this world and we come in all shapes and sizes. I happen to be 5"11 and full figured( loving it). But I have to tell you that I am about my health. I think that we as a society put to much emphasis on being thin and not enough on being healthy. I exercise everyday except for Sundays, I eat good food, and guess what I am still full figured. My body has changed, it is firmer in the right places, my clothes are smaller, however I am still full figured!  Stop comparing yourself to other people, you are a beautifully wonderful, beautiful human being! You can be a size 2 and be  unhealthy. Please yourself and if they don't love you as a 22, then they are not worth loving when you are a 12! Love and honor who you are and what you have,because there is only one you!

Chow for Now!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Fall Purse Picks

Purses, a girl can never have too many right? As a working mom, my purse is always full with anything from contracts to Gatorade. With fall around the corner I have been doing some purse shopping and here are a few of my favorites. Thanks to those who  gifted me some of these wonderful bags, I promise to wear them well.







Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I will be in IGIGI !

I just pre-viewed some of the fall line for IGIGI and it is nothing less than Fabulous. Yuliya Raquel is on point with her fall designs and Yes I will be wearing them, with pleasure. Here are a few of my favorites: